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What is like farming?

I browse social media all day long and one thing I notice, scammers come up with new scams daily.  The most common, on Facebook anyway, is like farming. You’ll notice a somewhat new page that has pics of pretty clothing or jewelry, or maybe a rapper giving away a car, a PS4 page giving away 100 consoles that aren’t even in production. You think ok all I have to do is like and share this pic and I might win. But first take a better look at the page. A lot of these scam pages are new so they may be less than 2 years old. But thats not always the case. There are a few reasons people like farm and why, lets break it down.


  • Farming to sell – These pages do a lot of themes that pull at the heartstrings. Pic’s of sick kids, dying animals & religion are common. The goal is to get as much people to like and share the pic, so more people like and share the pic, so others can like and share the pic…. get it…the more followers the more its worth. So the goal is to sell the page. I’ll do a post on why people buy these pages later.  By the way Facebook WILL NOT donate a dollar every time you share anything, and you will never get that car from 50 cent.
  • Farming to scam – The other type of pages I see is a page with a fake site who does not sell what they are advertising. The way they farm is to do giveaways. You’ll notice “like and share to win” on most of the posts. If you look closer or scroll through the posts you may find a few people complaining of winning or placing an order but never receiving anything. (most of the time they delete these comments and block you from the page). If you can’t post directly to the page beware. They’ll take pics from Pinterest or steal images from various real brands and use it to draw attention to the page. When you go to the site you’ll notice stock pics, a basic store to purchase but not much on the company itself. After buying you will have a hard time contacting the company about your order.

pizap.com14241100049531    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.29.34 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.18.25 PM   Scam

So how can you spot a scam? Here’s some tips:

  • DATES – Facebook has been around for a while now. If its a old brand, they should already have a page…now where’s Apples FB page?
  • ABOUT section – Does it have a site? Can you post to the page and leave reviews?
  • IMAGES – If they are low quality or look to good to be true it may be. (you can also do a image search, right click on the picture in chrome and click “search google for this image”).
  • READ – Scroll through the posts and see what others have to say. If they post a lot of giveaways but you never see a winner, beware.

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